Cardio Z

Instant Z-Scores For All The Paediatric Cardiology Parameters You Review Everyday. Cardio-Z creates a summary of all z-scores for each patient, which can then be saved, e-mailed or printed. Simple, reliable and time-saving.

Cardio Z

Tissue Doppler

The cardio Z App calculates Z-scores for many tissue Doppler parameters. This includes age specific z-scores for tissue Doppler velocities and the E / e’ ratio.

Tissue Doppler velocity Z –scores calculated from the data of Eidem et al (2004) (Houston)

The App includes diagrams of how measurements were made in the reference used, so help is never far away. The example below is the method used for tissue Doppler velocities and time intervals.

Cardio Z

Cardio Z is $6.99 (£4.99). You can get it from the App Store.

The Clinicians we work with use it everyday. We hope you will too.