Creating simple, concise software

We are a small startup that creates simple, concise software. We strive to create software that enables, rather than disables, users.


We believe that the future of application development is split between the web and mobile devices (more often than not a combination of the two). The applications of the future will need to be web based, accessible from any browser, and fully integrated with mobile devices.


Our designers can do copywriting, our developers know how to design and this in turn means you get more for your money. Everyone on our team will communicate with you. We have no specialist coders hiding in a dark room. We firmly believe that if our staff are going to develop something for you, they should also be able to communicate with you too.


We don’t try to be something we are not. We are not a big company and we are proud of it. As a small company we enjoy less formality, less bureaucracy, higher levels of creativity and freedom. Being small allows us to get closer to your needs and allows for a more direct and personal relationship. Some of the reasons we hope you will want to do business with us.

We feel that by ditching the large company formalities the process becomes more efficient, fluid, open and honest. This leads to a much greater flow of ideas and creativity – one of the key advantages of staying small.
Highlighted Application


Cardio Z

Instant z-scores and centiles for the many cardiac and paediatric measurements that are made in normal clinical practice.

Cardio Z reduces the inconvenience of making Z-score calculations, and improves the correct application of this important clinical tool.


We keep our team small because the flow of communication occurs more easily. With a few people the communication is kept simple and clear. We find that if too many people are added communication paths multiply and the project takes longer, not shorter.

We try to avoid jargon and use a human voice whenever possible. You can get hold of our team at any time of day and ask any question you want. We don’t believe in first, second and third line. We are all front line. It’s our code, we stand by it.

Why do we take this approach? For one simple reason, trust.


Many commentators argue that software should be agnostic, saying it would be arrogant for feature requests to be ignored, or to limit features. Software should always be endlessly flexible. We could not disagree more. We take sides.

We believe that software should have a vision and an opinion, it should never sit in the middle. This opinion should be one of the top priorities. This way the software has an attitude and takes a position that people can clearly see.

You will never keep everyone happy all of the time, so the software should not try to sit on the fence. The desire to maintain flexibility creates software with needless preferences, unnecessary features and a dilution of the core message. It also leads to bigger overheads, an increase in bugs and the amount of effort required to support it.


The bigger the company, the harder it is to change direction. We actively want to be a small company so that we can stay flexible, keep up with advances in technology and make big changes, rapidly. We think that we can help companies better by staying lean, by keeping our mass reduced.

We follow the following principles to stay lean:

  • Our staff must be able to multi task. No over specialisation. We should all be able to code, design, project manage and meet with our customers.
  • All team members must be able to self manage.
  • We live with and embrace constraints. We feel that with constraints you have creativity.
  • Never over design and keep software code to a minimum. Code is the biggest long term overhead, so keep it simple.
  • Keep feature lists down and concise.
  • Small team sizes.
  • Pare the interface down and remove superfluous complexity.
  • Maintain an open culture that allows for mistakes. This way they are found and rectified swiftly.

Keeping to these principles ensures that we can react to change much easier. Evolution becomes possible, bad ideas can quickly be dropped in favour of the good ones. We can listen to customers and respond to their needs. We feel that a technology company that cannot evolve is a dead company.