We believe most software is too complex. The result of scope creep, a need for too many features and the need to implement everything at once. There is another way.

There is another way

We are a small software development company that creates simple, concise software. We develop web apps using Microsoft technologies, and Apple iPhone/iPad Apps.


We believe that the future of application development is split between the web and mobile devices (more often than not a combination of the two). The applications of the future will need to be web based, accessible from any browser, and fully integrated with mobile devices. We believe so strongly in this approach that we have put our money where our mouth is. All our own company processes are on the internet. Our Accounting; Invoicing; Project Management; Customer Relationship Management; Document Management; and Code Repositories are all out on the internet and accessible from our mobile devices. We feel that it is only by walking the walk that we are able to offer the best services to you.


Our designers can do copywriting, our developers know how to design and this in turn means you get more for your money. Everyone on our team will communicate with you. We have no specialist coders hiding in a dark room. We firmly believe that if our staff are going to develop something for you, they should also be able to communicate with you too.

Be Ourselves

We don’t try to be something we are not. We are not a big company and we are proud of it. As a small company we enjoy less formality, less bureaucracy, higher levels of creativity and freedom. Being small allows us to get closer to your needs and allows for a more direct and personal relationship. Some of the reasons we hope you will want to do business with us.

We feel that by ditching the large company formalities the process becomes more efficient, fluid, open and honest. This leads to a much greater flow of ideas and creativity – one of the key advantages of staying small.

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