Cardio Z

Instant Z-Scores For All The Paediatric Cardiology Parameters You Review Everyday. Cardio-Z creates a summary of all z-scores for each patient, which can then be saved, e-mailed or printed. Simple, reliable and time-saving.

Cardio Z

Discriminant Score

A variety of formulas and online tools have been published with the aim of assisting in decision making in infants with critical aortic stenosis as to whether a single ventricle repair or biventricular repair should be undertaken. Cardio Z makes existing tools easier to access without the need to make manual calculations.

Cardio Z has a number of different calculators built in to the App which include:

*The CHSS reference used is that published in 2001. Modifications have been made which can only be accessed online at . The source data is not available and therefore the latest calculator cannot be incorporated into Cardio Z.

Cardio Z has includes diagrams to assist the user in making measurements in the way outlined in the source reference. An example related to the reference of (Colan 2006) is shown below.

Cardio Z

Cardio Z is $6.99 (£4.99). You can get it from the App Store.

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